marine water cooled water chiller

Marine water chiller is a central AC unit and main equipment of indirect AC system after several years of continuous technical improvement, carrying the technology security and innovation. Marine water chiller also known as refrigeration unit, cooling-water machine, ice water machine, in actual application, it is refrigeration equipment in different names, it is a component of AC refrigeration system.

Marine water chiller

Product features:

Type demonstration:


“LS”:water chiller

“1180”:nominal cooling capacity is 1180kW

Main components:

water chiller is mainly composed of refrigeration compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve and electric control system. Refrigeration compressor, condenser, expansion valve, evaporator is regarded as four important parts of AC.


Marine water chiller is main part of indirect A system. It takes refrigerant as cooling medium, to make low temperature chilled water, provide it to terminals, chilled water flows through coil and conduct heat exchange with air, thus realize the cooling and dehumidification purpose.


Marine water chiller has the features of new design, simple operation, stable operation, convenient maintenance etc. It is widely used in all kinds of passenger ships, cargo ships, oil platforms. The design, manufacture, delivery of AC unit is conducted according to the standard of classification societies (such as “CCS”, “ABS”, “GL”, “DNV”) and “navy”, and it can be manufactured according to customer’s actual demands.Basic parameters:

● Cooling capacity:12~1180kW

● Cooling water flow:3~310m3/h

● Chilled water flow:2~203m3/h

● Refrigerant: standard equip R404A, R134a、R407C and some other refrigerant can be selected

● Power supply: standard equip AC 3PH 380V/50Hz, AC 3PH 440V/60Hz, other power source can be selected if it is needed: AC 3PH 415V/50Hz, AC 3PH 460V/60Hz, AC 3PH 480V/60Hz, AC 3PH 690V/60Hz.

● Compressor: piston or screw type (open or semi-hermetic type), standard equip Bitzer compressor, BOCK、Carrier and other brands also can be selected.

● The number of compressor: single or multi

● Single refrigerating circuit can be adopted, double refrigerating circuit also can be selected, the unit equips two independent refrigerating circuits, and each system equips one compressor. When one of the refrigerating circuits is running, the other one can be used as standby.

● Capacity regulation: multistage

● Cooling method: water cooled (fresh water/ seawater)

● Marine shell and tube type condenser: efficient anti-corrosion radiating tube, material can use HAL77-2、B10、B30; clad tube sheet; copper end cover or iron end cover.

● Replaceable dry filter

● Protection function: high pressure, low pressure, oil pressure (oil level), low water pressure (water volume), lack phase, chilled water anti-freezing, overheat, overload

● Control elements: adopt the control valves and pressure switches of domestic and overseas famous brands

● Control method: automatic and manual control


It is widely used in all kinds of passenger ships, cargo ships, and oil platforms.